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Sales Recruiting University Is The Fastest, Easiest Way To Build A Commission-Based Sales Team.

  • Are you struggling to find and keep reliable, high-performing sales reps?
  • Are your existing methods for finding and retaining top-notch sales reps failing?
  • Do you wish you could hand off the recruiting process to someone you trust, so you can focus on what you need to focus on?

Then stop what you’re doing because you’ve just found the answer.

Finally, The Right Solution For Your Recruiting Problems

  • Candidate Lead Generation – We’ll fix your ads, titles, descriptions and budget allocation; increasing your candidate lead flow by a factor of 4-10 times.
  • Screening & Scheduling – We’ll take on your candidate screening and interview scheduling process making it simple to get in front of the best candidates.
  • Proven Interview Structure – We’ll transition you to our proven 8 step group interview process making it easy for you to hire champions at scale.
  • Sales Department Systems – We’ll help you dial in your comp, onboarding, training and management systems ensuring you retain your new recruits.

Biggest Companies We’ve Worked With!

Client Testimonial Videos

100+ Commission Based Sales Reps In 6 Weeks
Scaling 4 Car Dealership Retail Sales Teams
Fastest Growing B2B Energy Company In TX
$1.3 Million In Revenue Within 90 Days
20 Real Estate Agents In 10 Months
Funeral Company Grows $5 To $25 Million
Hiring 10 In Home Sales Reps Monthly
Retains Six 1099 SDR’s Month 1
10 B2B Commission Sales Reps Recruited

9 Roofing Sales Reps In 30 Days

10 B2B Commission Sales Reps Recruited

15 B2B 1099 Sales Reps In 30 Days

Recruiting High Volumes Of D2D Sales Reps

10 Retained Solar Sales Reps In 1 Month

Recruiting 20+ Sales Reps Every Month

Who is Ryan Hohman

Ryan Hohman is the founder and CEO of Sales Recruiting University.

For the past 9+ years, he has worked exclusively on building the most efficient recruiting and onboarding model for scaling commission based sales teams.

Today, Sales Recruiting University is nearly a 50 person sales recruiting service and coaching company, and actively places over 1,000 commission based sales reps every single month and growing.

We connect great people with great companies, and help owners and sales leaders accomplish their business and financial goals.

Our Proven Sales Recruiting Process

Our 4-Stage Recruiting Process Ensures You Receive 
The Best Talent For Your Company


Candidate Lead Generation


Screening & Scheduling


Proven Interview Structure


Sales Department Systems

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Choose The Recruiting Path That Works Best For You

Our 4-Stage Recruiting Process Ensures You Receive The Best Talent For Your Company

Done For You

We build, launch and manage the recruiting process for you, and consult you on important aspects of your sales department like comp, onboarding and management.

Done With You

We plug our A-Z sales recruiting processes into your company and help you perfect systems around comp, onboarding, management, culture and more.

Done With You

We build you a custom recruiting process, including foundation and recruiting predictability, then coach you for 6 months on running and dialing in that process before we turn it over to you.

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If you’re here, you’re probably searching for a solution – one that will help build a top-performing commission-based sales team, help meet company goals and grow revenue.

Building – and keeping – a top-performing commission-based sales team is tough. It’s time consuming and one wrong decision can sink months of hard work (not to mention money invested in the wrong candidate and missed opportunities).

You need The Sales Hiring Toolkit Today!

In this FREE toolkit, you’ll get 3 of the most essential documents to help ensure you hire the best candidate for your sales team:


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